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Lazer-Tech has been in business since 1968. Our strategic vision is simple; cultivate strong long-term relationships and provide value for our customers. To exceed their expectations with exceptional quality, customer service with on-time delivery. As a supply partner, we understand how important the Printed Circuit Board is to your end product. In most cases, it is the foundation of your product. We don’t have a product, our customers do and they entrust us to build their Printed Circuit Boards that create the foundation of their product.

Lazer-Tech’s core business is based on providing our customers with the Best Printed Circuit Board Solutions available in the marketplace.

Below you will find a snap shot of Lazer-Tech’s services.

  • Layer Count up to 20 layers
  • Strong Engineering Support.
  • Fast quote response time.
  • QTA: 24 hour – 7 Day Delivery Services
  • 10 Day Standard-Lead-Time
  • YTD Quality Rating: 99.12%
  • YTD On-Time Delivery: 98.33%
  • .003”/.003” line and spacing
  • Impedance Control Modeling and Testing
  • Various Exotic Materials Available
  • Metal Back LED Lighting Material (Aismalibar)
  • High Mix Low to Medium Volume
  • Orders as small as 1 panel

Value Add Services

  • Frontline Genesis 2000 Software
  • Pre-Design Support
  • DFM: Design for Manufacturability Support
  • DRC: Design Rule Check Support
  • Stack up Data Support

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