PCB Designer – Job opening – Ottawa

City: Ottawa ON, Canada

Job Functions: 

  •  to provide schematic capture and/or schematic modifications using CAD software;
  • develop libraries of schematic symbols and component footprints for use in PCB designs;
  • create CAD representations of Printed Circuit Board mechanical drawings;
  • provide circuit placement of component parts following schematic capture and electronic design flows;
  • provide interconnections of design traces;
  • create electronic manufacturing files of completed designs for the creation of Printed Circuit Boards;
  • interface closely with engineers on a daily basis;
  • ability to work with precision tools and specifications (e.g. 0.001 one thousandths of an inch grids or less).

Job Qualifications: 

Applicants must

  • have a good knowledge of computer operations and file structures;
  • be able to work as a team member;
  • be creative and innovative;
  • interested and flexible in learning several design software and functions;
  • have good oral and written communication skills and good inter-personal skills;
  • have the ability to work to specific design guidelines/rules and defined schedules;
  • demonstrate exceptional time management skills.
  • A college degree in electronics is preferred.
  • Experience in Mentor Expedition, Cadence Allegro or Altium Designer is an asset.

Salary: According to experience