Brioconcept is a leading electronics consulting company specializing in electronic product development, with expertise in high speed design and signal integrity. Our team, in collaboration with Vision circuits, our sister company, has the talent and ability to add value to your product development projects in the areas of:

  • System architecture and design, from single board design to multi-boards complex systems
  • Hardware design
  • Simulations, from thermal analysis to high speed signal integrity
  • Firmware design based on DSP, Microprocessor and FPGA
  • Web applications
  • Test engineering
  • Wireless products
  • Project management and support (components procurements, ROHS conversion and more)

Brioconcept has worked with companies from start-ups to industry leaders in the Communications, Broadcast Video, Medical, Defence and Security, Aerospace, Transportation and Semiconductor market sectors. As a trusted design partner since 2007, Brioconcept’s team has delivered more than 300 projects to over 80 different clients across the world.