Mentor Graphics’ Valor NPI has proven to be an industry leading design verification tool and at Vision Circuits, we firmly believe it should be part of any hardware development flow.

Our design team are proficient users of Valor NPI and we validate each and every design in Valor before outputs are created and sent to manufacturers. This ensures that designs meet manufacturer capabilities worldwide and that our customers achieve maximum yield during production of their printed circuit boards. This directly results in faster time to market and reduced cost for our customers.

We also offer design verification as a stand-alone service for any customer who would like to have their designs verified prior to production. Our experienced team will offer recommendations to increase yield and reduce cost of your designs when possible.


A few additional facts about Valor:

According to independent research from The Aberdeen Group, customers using Valor

  • experience 57% fewer revision spins per design than those who do not.
  • are 47% more likely to meet their release schedules than those who do not.
  • have up to 92% fewer manufacturing issues than those who do not.

At Vision Circuits, we do Design Verification!

We use the most powerful and reliable verification software in the industry: Valor NPI